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Elshan Rozafa

Rozafa Elshan, Synthèse d’une excursion

Within the 8th European Month of Photography in Luxembourg (EMoPLux), the Centre d’art of the city of Dudelange and the Centre National de l’Audiovisuel (CNA) are joining forces to present the three monographic exhibitions by Marie Capesius, Rozafa Elshan and Marie Sommer under the title of “Archipel”.
Rozafa Elshan is one of the three artists who explore natural, strategic and intimate territories with their layers of memories and ideological constructs and reconsider them by using highly varied means of expression such as photography, video, sound, sculpture, drawing, diaries both private and in print (writing), performance and archived images.
“Archipel” speaks to us of a world weathered by currents and waves, its fragilities, its beauties, its paradoxes, in the light of the changing relationship between humans and their environment. “Archipel” is also an observatory of the renewed repertoire of the image for its contemporary telling.