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Centre d'art Nei Liicht

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Y’a pas photo: Bruno Baltzer & Leonora Bisagno

Y’a pas photo is about the mode images exist in the post-truth era. The exhibition proposes a deferred reading of the news and the information by pointing at images and facts relating to different modes of expression of the political sphere.
On the one hand, it is about scrutiny of the way politicians or political statements are presented. Images are manipulated and transformed through contemporary technological or scientific devices which, by their singular behaviour and protocol, are able to question the subjects which are analyzed, enlarged, diverted, transformed until they become a different iconic matter.
Within this framework the image of the leader – chosen among many, selected, legitimated – is central in terms of self-referentiality and legitimation, becoming an expression of either political openness or of dictatorship.
Additionally, it is the existence of counter-powers which, through individual and collective action, gradually modify the balance of power, both economic, military and legal, which are undermining democracy and freedom. In a sometimes sensual relationship, authoritarian behaviour and egalitarian principles are opposing themselves radically or are indistinctly confused in media chaos.
The works explore the state of extreme tension in which contemporary societies find themselves. The exhibition thus presents by the complexity of the elements that compose it and the reflections that construct it, the contrasting and divergent feelings of our time.
Y’a pas photo is a visual metonymy of a more than fragmented body, in which signs and traces of existence connect on a sometimes invisible level in an atomized world under the dome of a data society where different levels of truth and authenticity co-exist.
Y’a pas photo’s artistic structure questions current modes of representation, effects of media coverage on the understanding of reality and the mutations of perceptual behaviour in action.