Clervaux - Cité de l’image asbl

Clervaux - Cité de l’image asbl

Maison du Tourisme et de la Culture Clervaux B.P. 52 L-9701 Clerxaux

Tél : (+352) 26 90 34 96

Contes d’image


The season “Contes d’images” opens a diversified discourse on storytelling in images. The photos draw on both imaginary and real potential. The work might be dissociated from all rational and predefined logic. Photography reflects several realities that encourage individual and subjective work. The narrative power celebrates the ambivalent difference, the unfinished, the blur, the vast, and the surreal, finally any visual adventure. Worlds converge in its radiance: Documentation meets fiction in the vast landscapes according to Vincent Fournier. The memories and emotions are complemented by the philosophical thought of Corinne Mercadier and Janne Lehtinen. The sober illustration is associated with a surrealist dimension within the framework of the images by Tamas Dezso. A tribute to science identifies itself as a poetic quotation and literary reference in the ingenious visions of Christian Tagliavini.
These images keep autonomy with respect to the world and the real time. Any suspected subversion evolves into a positive force that builds and invents, which diversifies without classifying, which simply tells its own stories.