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université du luxembourg ( campus belval )

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Cristina Nuñez: Echoes of Self 2

​​In the current selfie culture, the selfie is a powerful means in which the capacity of self-depiction and self-deception are, respectively, commercially viable opportunities and the mainstream strategy for building a sense of belonging. The acceleration of image production as a daily practice is apparent in the tens of thousands of photos uploaded every minute on social media. A rough recent estimate claims that today more images are shared each hour than were produced in the whole of the nineteenth century.
Adolescents and young adults are the most affected by this trend and its consequences. The artist Cristina Nuñez started using the SPEX (Self-portrait Experience) methodology with young people in 2008, and she noticed a deep difference between how they perceived the self-portrait before and after the selfieboom of 2012. With the surge of worries and concerns in relation to our own image the necessity to control our representation in photos increased even more. Today, Nuñez observes that most young people are reluctant to make or show their self-portraits or group photos in which they don’t have the same level of control as in selfies made with mobile phones and retouched through flattering filters. This demonstrates that we are in a critical moment for self-image and that it has become increasingly important to relearn to look at oneself more authentically.