MOB-ART Studio

19a Avenue de la Porte Neuve

– du mardi au samedi – de 10h30 à 18h30 et sur rendez-vous à la Galerie. contact avec Luc Schroeder, directeur de la galerie d'art. Tel. +352 691 109 645 e-mail

Mob Art Gallery Florence Iff et Manon Moret

Florence Iff: I consider myself more an artist than a photographer.
My way of working with the medium is not merely a classical one, but I’m interested in what lies behind the surface of a flat picture, what photography as a medium inhabits, what is possible and where the limits are. I often mix medias and explore boundaries of imagination combining web-based photographs with scanned cutouts from magazines, medical photographs and analog images either from my archive or found images from flee markets.
My inspiration either comes from philosophical, political, scientific or cultural sources and it takes me usually several years to explore a subject within its wide range and levels and to accomplish work series within the topic.

Manon Moret : Her art talks about performance, writing and photography.
It is a spiritual outlet, an intimate parenthesis of two to four days between the model and the artist where the model surrenders and has to face the feelings of self-consciousness.
It is a moment in suspension, out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, its agendas and activities, where the relation with the skin, its texture, its smell, is complete and an ongoing dialogue.
It is a work of introspection, about the relationship between the body and the written word, aiming to get closer to a part of the truth, to find and to shed the thoughts that encumber the spirit of both the model and the artist.
Each photo thus immortalizes the privileged fruit of a strong and intimate encounter.