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Fever by Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron

FEVER is a location based interactive experience in virtual reality.

It thematises the state of high fever in which one can be, sick. Children but also adults with high fever may have brief hallucinations – mainly visual and auditory. These hallucinations can also appear in dreams.

The experience refers to this kind of brief hallucinations that imply metaphysically the awareness of one’s own body in relation to one’s environment as well as in relation to other bodies. For FEVER, different hands of different bodies were photographed and recreated as 3D models.

They form a spectrum that slowly floats around the visitor. Depending on the movements and the speed of the visitor, the whole spectrum approaches, suspends itself or transforms itself radically.

FEVER is written and created by Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron (L), in technical collaboration with Fabrizio Palmas, Antoine Thiry and Stefan Laimer (D). The music is created by Kevin Muhlen (L), in collaboration with Ásta Fanney Sigurdardottir (IS) and Elisabet Johannesdottir (L / IS), for voice and narration, offering a poetic interpretation of the experience.

For the installation, a series of photographs is associated with the experience.

FEVER is supported by Film Fund Luxembourg.