Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain

Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain

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Photo Books

Together with Casino – Forum d’art contemporain, EMOP Luxembourg organises for the first time the Photobook Tables. The event is part of the official opening days of the festival and features works by both local and international photographers’ books along with guest publishers – Polish Blow Up Press, British Overlapse, Skinnerboox from Italy, Greek Void and Italian photography book store Leporello. Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA) throws a spotlight on their own publications and photography book projects they supported. Together with EMOP Luxembourg and CNA, participants of the previous editions of Portfolio Review Révélation(s) present their own published books and book dummies.
Photography book lovers, collectors, photographers and the curious public are warmly invited to visit and see recent local and international works, meet the people behind them – some authors and publishers themselves and purchase their favourite books.

Photo Books special
16.05.2019 – 11pm-11pm / 17.05.2019 -11am-7pm / 18.05.2019 – 10am – 2pm

Founded in 2012 in Warsaw (Poland), Blow Up Press is a boutique publishing house focusing on contemporary photography. Known for its online publications (doc! photo magazine, monthly devoted to documentary photography and contra doc!, quarterly dedicated to any other kind of photography), after a series of attempts, BUP made a strategic decision to switch to paper with all its projects. And as documentary projects has always been its thing, contra doc! was absorbed by doc! photo magazine, which since June 2016 has become a paper publication combining features of a magazine and a book – a mook. A year later, BUP published its first monograph – Agata Grzybowska’s 9 Gates of No Return – which achieved a double status of the Photographic Publication of the Year (in Poland) and won a number of awards at photobook competitions (internationally). Today, BLOW UP PRESS expands its book activity, publishing projects by Polish and foreign photographers and participating in photobooks festivals.

Centre National de l’Audiovisuel Luxembourg
A platform for the open public as well as a professional institution, the Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA), national audiovisual centre of Luxembourg, preserves and makes accessible sound, still and moving image culture.
Since its creation in 1989, the CNA has carried out and supported significant editorial activities in relation to photography. Its collections, exhibitions, grant for photographic creation and distribution, its commissions and residencies as well as colloquia and research projects act as frequent starting points for book projects. In collaboration with institutions, photographers, authors, researchers and editors, catalogues and artist books contribute to develop, reflect and distribute singular universes, topics and research fields around the notion of the image.
During the European Month of Photography, the CNA will present a selection of recent photography books on Luxembourgish and international artists.

Leporello, Rome, Italy
Leporello is a bookshop devoted to photobooks as starting and connecting point with graphic design, architecture, illustrated books, essays, and literature.
It is an exhibition venue and a project space focused on books and images, with the aim of promoting and disseminating a multidisciplinary and wide approach to visual culture. Is a word with a funny sound, reminding an accordion book, Mozart, or simply, in Italian, a small hare.
Chiara Capodici has been involved in photography field since 2005, devoting herself mainly to the design of exhibitions and photo books. She opened Leporello in February 2017.

Overlaps, London, United Kingdom
Overlapse is an independent photobooks imprint founded in 2015 by publisher Tiffany Jones. Through close collaboration with photographers and artists we make beautiful books and editions – visual literature that covers social, cultural, and environmental issues, with themes connected to universal human experience.

Skinnerboox, Jesi, Italy
Skinnerboox is an independent publishing house focused on contemporary photography. Since 2014 around 50 books have been published. Established artists as young emerging ones have found a space in the catalog giving to our editorial line a wide span of different uses and practices in photography.
In 2018 Skinnerboox has been awarded as the best publisher of the year.

Void, Athens, Greece
Founded in October 2016, Void is a non-profit organization engaged in alternative publishing, exhibitions and education.
Focused on photography, Void has an alternative approach to it, exploring unorthodox design, communication and printing techniques to promote the medium.
Void has collaborated with international photographers and institutions like Athens Photo Festival , National Museum of Contemporary Art of Athens, Hydra, Gomma Books & Grant, Istanbul Photobook Festival, Lucy Art Residency, LensCulture, PHmuseum among others.
Most recently published projects are books by Antoine d’Agata, Olivier Pin-Fat, Bérangère Fromont, Leif Sandberg, and ‘Hunger’, a newspaper by various artists as Tereza Zelenkova, JH Engström, and Joan Fontcuberta.