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Mutations III :
Public Images — Private Views

Edmund Clark ( Grande-Bretagne ), Benjamin Cadon & Ewen Chardronnet ( France ) ,  Rob Hornstra & Arnold van Bruggen ( Pays-Bas ), Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Orum ( Danemark ), Simon Bauer ( Autriche ), Hubert Blanz ( Autriche ), Yveline Loiseur ( France ), Paula Muhr ( Serbie/Allemagne ) , Susanne Wehr ( Allemagne ), Ultranature ( Lux. )

In a context where all means of communication and artistic media are affected by globalization and digital convergence, the era of "post-medium" we are entering is a period characterized by the exploration of hybrid technology, in which artists combine and recombine photography and video with a wide variety of other materials. Whereas in the 1980s we saw photography pushed to new heights of popularity by impressively large high quality prints, we cannot always speak of photography today but rather of images. Pictures have become mass products and everybody puts their personal shots on Facebook, Twitter or other platforms and personal blogs. Everyday shots have become commonplace in art and the issue is no longer one of aesthetic excellence but of weaving networks of significance. By putting enough images of yourself or your neighbourhood on the net, by giving a true or staged insight into your own life or that of others, you can build a network of participants that will eventually produce more images and address topics of social and political importance. Naturally the use of images today goes well beyond our own private sphere. Found or shared images become a medium of social concerns by allowing artistto construct new geographical, political or social realities. Artists or non-artists redefine the use of the image in post-modern society where the line between private issues and public images is increasingly blurred when the individual becomes an element of group dynamics.