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26.04 - 12.05. 2013

Transit Loci
Aspects of the new Italian photography from the prestigious photography school Studio Marangoni in Florence

Giorgio Barrera's Battlefields 1848-1867 is a body of work dedicated to the most famous landmarks of the Risorgimento, the political and social movement that led to the unification of Italy in 1861. With the help of historical maps and written testimonies, Barrera was able to track the places where the main battles occurred, focussing on rural areas.
In the series The other landscape, Garcia Serventi creates alternate layers of representation and reality. She combines nudes inspired by famous works of art with made-up landscapes - small details of large dioramas found in Natural History museums - to intensify, as well as conceal, boundaries between true and false.

Liliana Grueff approaches the theme of infant exposure, a common practice which dates back to the XIV Century, when people could not take care of a child and left him/her in charity institutions dedicated to the welfare of abandoned offspring.
With a delicate touch, Exposed tells stories of separation, either voluntary or not, between a mother and a child. The photographs focus on small personal objects that mothers used to leave with the child as a signal of recognition,
Greetings and Kisses by Marta Primavera includes frescoes from the Città di Castello's City Gallery where Primavera inserted her self-portraits. Her presence is light and humorous, inspired by the stereotype of Italian Summer vacations. At the same time the work addresses the topic of how a powerful art history can inspire the work of the younger generation of artists.
The second body of work, East Refurbishment, includes photographs from the project inspired by the Olympics of 2012, and how refurbishment has influenced the changes in the urban structure of East London.
In New York City Serenade Ciro Frank Schiappa pays his homage to the city of New York through the history of rock music. In his own words, “the project creates a path among places that hold memory of the past, while the future is being written somewhere else”

Curated by Alessandra Capodacqua / artists: Giorgio Barrera, Laura Garcia Serventi, Liliana Grueff, Marta Primavera, Ciro Frank Schiappa.

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