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Stephen Gill / Coexistence
Exposition du 29/9/2012 au 25/8/2013

« Coexistence » is the outcome of a commission awarded to British artist Stephen Gill by the CNA in 2011 in anticipation of the inaugural exhibition of the Waassertuerm+Pomhouse, two new sites dedicated to photography in Luxembourg.
The brief was to work in situ and create a body of works that offer a dialogue between the unique site – and its indusdtrial heritage – with the CNA’s archival collection The Bitter Years, housed by the Waassertuerm. Stephen Gill’s immediate response was to survey the industrial wasteland around the Dudelange water tower. He spent six weeks living in the Italian quarter of the Dudelange, and embarked on an intense period of research and creation. The
industrial cooling ponds immediately appealed to Gill, who has had a fascination for insects and microbes since childhood.
Gill immersed himself in the microscopic universe of the cooling ponds. He meticulously and patiently explored the abandoned terrain, aware of the memories and souvenirs it holds.
The visual language developed by the artist offers an unusual way of telling the story of a site, an era, and context. He works with various materials and photographic techniques, using a multitude of details and layers within one image to capture and reveal the spirit of the site.
Commissaires: Marguy Conzémius, Michèle Walerich