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26.04.2013 - 08.06.2013

distURBANces utopias & dystopias
The choice of artists and works for this section of distURBANces is deliberately focused on space and time in contemporary photography.
The artists in this exhibition all present a different approach. Peter Bialobrzeski stresses the artificiality of nature in mega-cities with his series “Paradise Now “, creating impressive images with an almost surreal flavor;
Spanish artist Dionisio Gonzalez suggest strategies of survival by photographing the slums of Rio, Sao Paulo, Busan. Rather than stressing poverty and dejection, he creates a mix of real life structures and modern architecture proposals through Photoshop manipulation suggesting a utopian but social project.
Fréderic Delangle focuses on the Indian city of Ahmedabad, taking pictures at night with long exposures. The series has the title “ No life at all last night in Ahmedabad.” The city is indeed emptied of all signs of life, and appears almost as a stage set.
Based on his own memory of places and situations, Daniel Leidenfrost imagines an exhibition display comprising drawings, photographs and an installation of a model in a cubic space. He then makes photographs of the model, thus deceiving the viewer with a blurred vision of a constructed urban landscape.

Maillard V.

Virginie Maillard integrates neon words into her photographs, creating a metaphorical space with associations between the denomination and the representation of the place, while Niklas Goldbach recreates a kind of modern Babel, an inaccessible labyrinth, by recomposing and restructuring existing buildings, - in this case tourist housings from Benidorm (Spain). His pictures sit between science- fiction and reality and suggest the failure of globalization.

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