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Paula Muhr / Double Flowers and other stories

02.03.2013 - 27.04.2013

Through her research-based artistic practice, Paula Muhr examines socio-cultural strategies of constructing sexuality, gender, desire and normality. In her installations, which combine staged photography with found materials, texts, moving images and sound, Muhr focuses on the interdisciplinary exploration of hysteria and female madness. According to cultural critic Elaine Showalter, “the hysteric is someone who has a story, and whose story is told by science”. Muhr’s work references and recontextualises films, medical photographs and written documents of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which were instrumental in staging the scientific visibility of this mythic malady. By examining the validity of (pseudo)scientific, social and medical practices which produce seemingly objective knowledge, Muhr aims to challenge the implicit visual codes of representing the (ab)normal woman and create alternative multilayered interpretations of female subjectivity. The Nei Liicht Gallery will show the first comprehensive overview of Muhr’s hysteria-related works, created in the period from 2008 to 2013.

Magic dreams
Susanna Majuri, Mari Hokkanen, Kati Leinonen, Anni Kinnunen

04.05.2013 - 15.06.2013
vernissage 04.05.2013 à 11:30

The theme of the exhibition of four Finnish female photographers – Mari Hokkanen, Anni Kinnunen, Kati Leinonen and Susanna Majuri is magic and dreams. Together their images create a fairy tale of an imaginary magical world, where the laws of everyday life do not exist. The exhibition comprises both photographs and video films.
Nature is an important element in these works. In her series Imaginary Homeland Susanna Majuri declares that water paints with her, it emerges people and landscape together. In the images of Kati Leinonen water makes reflections on the surface of the oily pond to become a path to the magical underworld. Performance is a starting point for the art works of Anni Kinnunen and Mari Hokkanen. In her Personal landscape series Anni Kinnunen explores the spaces where nature and urban environment meet, paying special interest on human marks in nature. The Flower performances series by Mari Hokkanen is based on narrative photographic stories with flowers. Hokkanen builds her pictures from symbols and metaphors.