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Clervaux - Cité de l’image asbl

Maison du Tourisme et de la Culture Clervaux B.P. 52 L-9701 Clerxaux

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Portraits, hors cadre

Annick Meyer

6 exhibitions in open space
The exhibition explores the different forms the portrait can take in contemporary photography. The subject allows for certain interpretations and liberties in its definition and the selection of images.
From a formal point of view, the analysis distances itself from familiar, more traditional rules of the genre. The concept is broadened and may be found, for instance, in the depiction of a human belief and world view, or in the visual representation of a subjective memory, but also in the representation of global events, or in a landscape shot.
The conscious expansion of the meaning of “portrait” serves to enable additional reflections – perhaps in favour of a cultural landscape and its perception?
This wider understanding of the genre does not, however, erase its distinct characteristics. The pictures exposed draw a subtle portrait of today’s society and show various points of view: personal – cultural – fictitious – transitory.
Susan Barnett, Peter Bialobrzeski, Charles Fréger, Isabelle Graeff, Denis Dailleux, David Spero