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Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art Luxembourg

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Rethinking Landscape

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As in previous editions of the European Month of Photography, the overarching theme Rethinking Nature /Rethinking Landscape, revolves around different aspects of nature and landscape, between deconstruction and artistic exploration.
The representation of landscape as well as its transgression has a long and rich history in art. One thinks in particular of the “Walking Artists” and other forms of Land art which, from the 1970s onwards, radically changed the representation of landscape. By becoming a medium, the landscape is no longer represented by the artist as a subject but is physically experienced as an artistic practice. This approach was accompanied by a rising awareness of an increasingly unbalanced relationship between Man and nature.
Today, with issues of climate change, artists are progressively involved in raising ecological consciousness. But how do these new findings translate visually?
Rethinking Landscape presents five stances of artists taking a new photographic look at landscape representation and offering new aesthetic approaches varying between fiction, sublimation and distancing.