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Street photography slide night

On Friday, April 21th, the collective “Street Photography Luxembourg Asbl” (SPL) invites everybody to attend its fifth “Slide Night” to be held in the Buvette on the site of the Rotondes- Luxembourg Gare. The public will be able to view the works of the twelve photographers who are members of SPL.
Each slideshow lasts a maximum of 5 minutes and allows for a particular and personal look on the most diverse urban spaces: it can be a formal, humanist, ironic, poetic approach, the points of view are diverse but always full of respect, reflection and love for everything that happens on the streets of Luxembourg.
A lecture will be given by Jean-Christophe Béchet as invited guest.
For the first time this year, the collective participates in the European Month of Photography Luxembourg ( emoplux 2017 ) , which, in addition to a broadening of the audience and the event, will allow him to deepen his reflection on the practice of urban photography in contemporary society.

“Street Photography is like jazz, a union of formal rigor and improvisation. »Alex Cogue

What counts for the Street Photographer is to be sensitive to the pulsations of the street, to seize these thousand little fleeting moments that are at the conjunction of light, architecture, city dwellers and their movements. By bringing the inner world into resonance with the vibrations of urban space, the photographer shows the deep emotions that irrigate society. The images  are captured, stolen, they can be rough snapshots, sometimes poetic, sometimes empathic, sometimes raging, which testify to the atmosphere of a place or unexpected situation.
The collective SPL was created in March 2013 in order to give greater visibility to this form of reporting which privileges the images taken on the street and the atmosphere of the street. Street photography is as old as photography itself and it has been magnified by mythical authors such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau and Sabine Weiss in France, or Saul Leiter, Vivian Maier and Gary Winogrand in the USA. With the explosion of digital and Internet, the discipline has known for several years an extraordinary global expansion.

The twelve photographers members of the collective SPL are:
Paul Bintner, Véronique Fixmer, Paulo Lobo, Dirk Mevis, Christophe Van Biesen, Jeff Mouton, David Phillips, Giulia Thinnes, Tom Weis, Catalin Burlacu, Olivier Remera.

The web page of the collective is

The Facebook page currently has about 4,500 followers.