Konschthal Esch ( ancien Espace Lavandier )

Konschthal Esch ( ancien Espace Lavandier )

29-33 boulevard Prince Henri, L-4280 Esch-sur-Alzette



Armand Quetsch & Caecilia Tripp

Whether the images come in black and white, are positives or negatives, this series is above all an invitation to follow the artist’s footsteps in a singular meandering.
The photographs of Armand Quetsch, caught in a slow and repetitive flow, taken close to his home with an almost automatic gesture, present an ode to the photographic gaze. Far from any romantic or intellectualizing posture, his approach is primitive, almost devoid of any intention, without a pre-established concept, without desire. And it is precisely in this that his medium offers enchantment.

“Liquid Earth” is an exploration of the invisible and the tangible on shifting ground, leaving behind
grounds of certainty and fixed identities. “Liquid Earth” builds up a “poetics of relations” and migration
through seismology and tectonic plates, connecting local grounds with the volcano Nyiragongo situated in the Congo as one of the largest active lakes of volcanic lava in the world.