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Marine Lanier: Les contes sauvages

Marine Lanier, Les Lointains #10

Rethinking, reinventing the exterior landscapes to better explore the interior landscapes, and telling the story of the links that unite us to nature, to our environment: Marine Lanier takes us into “the lyrical and primitive dimension” of nature, “to question the wild power that surrounds”. She immerses us in the vegetal particularly with her series of organic monochromes Eldorado, which shows the thick flora of an abandoned nursery. Nature is captured in its raw state, it is personified, and its mysteries grab us, and they escape us.
Marine Lanier’s photos bring to light a primary vegetation, where the elements appear and interact : stones, rocks of cliffs, deep waters of waterfalls, earth, ice, but also skin and blood… Her universe is a wild and original, which sends beings back to their primitive impulses. In the series The Sun of the Wolves, made in the Ardèche region on a territory located above a volcano, Marine Lanier shows two children whose bodies are in symbiosis with this rough and mineral space. For three years, the photographer has followed the journey of two brothers, a film camera in hand: ludicrous, indomitable nature masterfully absorbs the silhouettes of these lawless teenagers.