2017 @ B. Loder

Portfolio-platform: revelation(s)

is a unique opportunity for local artists and residents of the neighbouring regions ( Germany, Belgium, France ) to introduce themselves to an international jury of experts. Unlike the classic “portfolios reviews”, a restricted number of artist – chosen by a jury – is invited to present and comment on their work in public through a Powerpoint presentation. At the end of all the presentations, the artist will take the individual opinion of each expert present who will comment on his work one-on-one.
The concept was developed by Café-Crème Asbl and the University of Luxemburg and initially managed by Cristina Dias de Magalhães within the framework of the European Month of Photography festival in 2015.
The 5th edition of the “Portfolio review” was held on Mai 10th at the Neumunster Abbey.

video interviews

with the participating artists of 2023 can be seen