European Month of photography 2023 Luxembourg ( emoplux )

The European Month of photography Festival in Luxembourg (emoplux) is a major international festival dedicated to photography and visual culture. Through its programming, and thanks to the participation of near all art institutions of the country the Festival is committed to offering a diversified and international platform for the exchange of ideas, artistic expression and engagement with photography in all its forms.

The Festival brings together emerging as well as established artists and photographers mainly from Europe with the aim to reflect the diversity of photography of our time.
Exploring a variety of cultural, artistic, social, and political perspectives, the Festival considers a large spectrum of photographic media, ranging from fine art, conceptual and documentary photography up to other media, including video and installations. In addition to three exhibitions directly curated by the association ( MNHA, Cercle, Arendt House ) the core of the Festival is a multi-layered program, including moments of curatorial exchange and development opportunities.
Emoplux 2023 will take place in May and June in about 20 locations across the country, mainly in the capital but also in Clervaux, Dudelange, Ettelbrück and the neighbouring city of Trier (Germany). The Festival will also offer an opportunity for young emerging artist to have their portfolio reviewed in front of major museum directors, curators or festival managers. The Festival is accepting proposals until 15 March 2023.
The theme of “Rethinking Identity” has been chosen by the curators of this 9th edition of EMOP as a continuation of the “Rethinking…” trilogy, which began with “Rethinking Nature” in 2021. This edition of the trilogy will focus on the role of photography in reflecting on the issues surrounding the construction and deconstruction of identities, particularly as portrayed by social media. Gender issues will also be explored alongside broader perspectives on political, cultural, and social identities.

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