Emoplux 2021 and covid

Emoplux 2021 and covid

The venues of the 8th edition of the festival started end of April as planned. With 26 exhibitions, we were breaking a record. However, due to the Covid restrictions still in place, there were no real venues but “openings” with a limited number of guests depending on the time slot. The official opening week with our European partners had been postponed to the first week of June. Certain openings were still subject to some kind of restriction.

Portfolio review 2023 emoplux

For the fifth edition of Révélation (s) / Portfolio – Platform – Luxembourg, May 2023 ( date and place to be confirmed ) taking place during the 9th European Month of Photography in Luxembourg :
We invite anyone who has a practice in the field of contemporary photography, living / working or having exhibited in Luxembourg or close regional neighbourhood, to submit their application electronically by sending their file to “revelations.portfolio@gmail.com”.

Portfolio content (pdf / max 10 MB):

– CV (studies + exhibitions )
– short description of  the portfolio content (in French and English or German and English )
Call for proposals (Deadline for submission of the dossier (portfolio): March 3d 2023
The selected photographers will be informed by e-mail latest on : April 10th 2023
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