Cercle Cité - Ratskeller Espace d'exposition

Cercle Cité - Ratskeller Espace d'exposition

Rue du curé L-1368 Luxembourg

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Rethinking nature

view © Cercle Cité; photo Mike Zenari

The overarching theme of this 8th edition, Rethinking Nature, represents a break with the so-called landscape genre. The point of view and framing no longer obey the age-old Euclidean perspective of classical landscape painting or photography. Nor is it comparable to the still-life genre, but rather opens up new micro and macro spaces for nature. In addition, the image-making device and exhibition scheme participate in the artistic exploration of this theme. As a result, these artistic photographic approaches are characterised by dematerialisation, deconstruction and fragmentation, representing the vulnerability of this nature and expressing current conflicts in its relationship with Man.
Today, more than ever, the association with other artistic and scientific disciplines allows new photographic and video approaches, thereby questioning the current situation and contributing to a rising ecological awareness. These new photographic approaches, which are nourished by scientific knowledge, also contribute to the perception that we have of nature today.
As such, the images of crisis generated by the current situation are conveyed artistically by a photography that aims to be performative, multimedia and political.
As an accomplice in a new aesthetic experience, the viewer is challenged by the staging and the photographic installation that open up unexplored fields.